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=, alpacas, babylon's bathroom, bandersnatches, baron munchausen, bathtub reading, bbc america, beck, ben elton, big o, bioluminesence, black rock trail, blankets, blazing saddles, blue ringed octopus, boards of canada, boko maru, bokononism, bono, bookmarks, boring you, breakfast of champions, britrock, burnin and lootin, burt reynolds, cannonball run, cetaceans, chachapoyas, classic children's literature, classic porn, craggy island, cuckoo cocoon, dandy warhols, dante, deep sea creatures, devils haircuts, diving the wreck, dj assault, dr sweetendreamen, drawing in the dark, eating my words, eddie izzard, elinor wylie, extreeeeeme, fear and loathing, felis domesticus, foma, gengar, glass, gluesticks and paper, god, good omens, granfalloons, grits, gueros, gustav klimt, hal needham, hating james woods, heaven, heffalumps, hobyahs, i claudius, interdimensional footsie, irony, james nesbitt's eyebrows, jd salinger, jeanette winterson, johnny cash, key west, kim gallup, kinky reggae, kupo, lava lamps, lazy vegetarianism, linus, long winded posts, lost causes, loving james woods, ludacris, machu pichu, madagascar, mark twain, marzipan pig, mouse and his child, mutations, neil gaiman, neil jordan, new age letdowns, new orleans, nightswimming, nitemare hippy girls, not getting the joke, nova, oak trees, october, old houses, orlando, patsy cline, peter gabriel, pink panther, postcards, pre-collins genesis, pulp, rael imperial aerosol kid, ranting, reinventing the wheel, russel hoban, satanic tacos, sea change, shade the changing man, shadows and tall trees, she think she cute, shocking the monkey, shooting my 38, slippermen, slowdive, slut bungwalla, smoke and mirrors, stanley kubrick, stephen fry, sushi, tenebrism, terry gilliam, the cowboy junkies, the lamia, the march hare, the police, the te of piglet, the wild wild sea, three wise monkeys, throwing stuff away, ting a ling!, tmbg, travis, tronspa, tuscan red, unorthodox spiritualism, vonnegut, wampeters, water babies

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